Monday, March 1, 2010

Going to Michaels?, fuggedaboutit!

I had the pleasure of spending lots of time in Manhattan this weekend. I have to say Alicia Keys and Jay Z know what they are talking about! This IS a concrete jungle where dreams are made of...
Now I didn't always feel this way. When you are standing on the 7 train platform on an icy rainy Monday morning just to enter a train car where people have their faces jammed against the door window...well, U just gotta love it! Not to mention the assorted scents and aromas lingering in the air...and I am not talking about coffee and old spice ;-)
So anyhow, my boyfriend and I decided to go downtown this weekend to the East Village and also visit an antique warehouse which upon passing through its doors looks more like a back entrance to a meat market than an antique warehouse. I lucked out and found gorgeous semi-precious labradorite strands for 5 bucks, a sterling silver heart pendant for 3 bucks and then walked by a vendor selling Asian glass bottles, stone donuts, and turquoise beads. He gave me a loose turquoise stone bead for free ;-) Now this is New York. We have "districts" dedicated to selling anything u can think of. Out of NYC maybe not so much. So today I want to tell u some top places online to find beads, jewelry supplies and tools that won't break the bank.

Everything you can think of from tools that every jewelry maker needs such as round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, flat nose pliers YOU GET IT ...Pliers!!! Beads, Beads, Beads...customer service is insane! I called the other day just to ask what kind of crimp tubes I should buy and the rep. gave me a 10 minute lesson on what size to use, what color, and how to attach them properly to beading wire.

Another fabulous website offering tools, semi-precious stones, swarovski crystals,sterling silver findings AND tutorials for making jewelry.

If you are a wire wrapping enthusiast this is one of the least expensive sites I have found next to e-bay that sells sterling silver wire on the cheap.

Happy hunting and ummmmm remember,,,,stay away from Michaels.


Salsa Mom said...

Ya know... i love all the resources, just no time to make it, but oh how i would love too! And your killin me with the ring, every time I see it, PEA GREEN with envy, it really is beatiful! can't wait for your next giveaway... PICK ME! PICK ME!

Rene W. said...

Oh I love your jewelry! I have supplies that I never use - would love to make a hobby out of it some day... And New York... ah! I have never been, but I know I will love it there when I do visit :) Stopping by from SITS.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cindy, I'm so glad to have found your site. I started making jewelry last year--wire wrapped sea shell necklaces. But my wire wrapping skills need improvement and you have incredible jewelry here!