Thursday, February 25, 2010

Michaels...It's like the arts and crafts version of Walmart

Out here in cyberspace I think there may be one or two people who may like to start learning how to make jewelry AND the first place u will instinctively think to start shopping for supplies and how to books is Michaels, the Arts and Crafts version of Walmart... well, don't. There, blog done for the day...

Just kidding. Let me give you an example of why doing a little research online is worth your time. Swarovski crystal beads(which are beautiful brilliant little beads which shimmer like diamonds in a pond)cost about 6.99 for about 6-12 beads in Michaels. Now an average necklace requires atleast 60-100 beads. That's ALOT of moolah to make a necklace. I did a little hunting online and found on e-bay 12 beads for $1.50 or 80 beads for 7 bucks!

Since I am by a computer all day I have lots of opportunity to fiddle around and find deals on supplies, free tutorials and such so...guess what? I'll give u a little insight on where to start and shop ;-)

Free Tutorials:

check out Eni Okens website jewelrylessons.comShe has many tutorials that are free for beginners on how to make simple bracelets, necklaces and earrings. As you move up the jewelry makers food chain you can purchase tutorials from intermediate to advanced that are not expensive and will challenge your skills.
Believe it or not Youtube also has many free videos on jewelry making. Just go to their site and type in for example, "how to make a wire wrapped pendant". Try auntie's beads videos. I found her wire wrapped ring video especially helpful and now I am a wire wrapping fool!

Finally, google, google, google.. It is my answer to life's questions AND free jewelry info. just type in anything you want to learn, for example, "how to make a lariat" and tons of sites will pop up, some you may have to pay for but MANY are free.

check out next time where I will show you wonderful websites for jewelry supplies and tools.( after all what good are tutorials and lessons if ya don't know where to get supplies?)and stay away from Michaels!!!!

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Melissa B. said...

Have to say that I DO enjoy a visit to Michael's every so often. Hey, SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did! You may be interested in the party I'm throwing today...

Yeah! It's a Party in the USA!