Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Judith Bright: from music executive to jewelry designer

The first thing I ever wire wrapped in my life were birds nest rings. I ended up making a HELL of alot of them because they are so fun to make. Birds nest rings are simply done by taking one large focal bead and taking a fairly large amount of wire, threading it through the hole of the bead and then wrapping that bad boy many times around a ring mandrel until you get the desired shape and size of your ring.

Now, repeat after me Judith Bright does it right!

Judith Bright took the simple birds nest ring and amped it up to a level of sophistication and elegance. I love her designs because she takes this very literal form of wire wrapping and adds emerald cut stones with gold filled or sterling silver wire and creates a very sleek and modern version of this wrapping style.

Here is a hand hammered cuff bracelet with a wire wrapped blue topaz which will run you $218.00

I knew this woman was special when I read her bio. She was a music executive for many years before moving to Italy to learn jewelry design. From there she launched her own company and here you have it. I have been admiring her jewelry for about a year now and if I could afford her stuff..fuggedaboutit.

I love that on her website she has a very simple quote “BE MINDFUL OF THE THINGS THAT NAG,
I totally agree Mrs. Bright :)

Her designs can be found at