Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chandelier earring give away...for Three Hippie Goddesses ;)

I am giving away three pairs of earrings today;) That is why I love this blog.....I actually like to give stuff away. Spring is here, the birds are singing, The sun is rising right now, I think I woke up way too early.
So here it is: Show a little love by becoming a follower of my blog and add two comments to any post you choose..and you can choose a pair of chandelier earrings for yourself, as you can see they come in chalk turquoise blue or pink crystals with freshwater pearls. ;-) The pictures of the earrings are in my "Hippie Goddess" post...These are not silver by the way just in case u were wondering,,,How nice this would look with your new Spring clothing...sundresses, sandals, it

This is like the early bird special ;)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chandelier earrings, because every now and then I want to look like a hippie goddess ;)

Hi, so these are the earrings Kelly and I made during our venture into wine and beads. Hmmm, wine and beads, I like the sound of that ;) anyhow take a look if you like them let me know, plenty are made. and they are just $10.00 e-mail One style comes with fresh water pearl coin beads in a salmon color, the other are chalk turquoise and seed beads.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Wine, Beads and a Broken heart.

Some of you may know that upon returning from a great vacation, I found myself in a relationship which for now, has ended. I find myself desperate to move on to the next chapter of my life. This weekend I imagined myself in Miami, Connecticut, Spain, anywhere to be able to be as far away as possible from this heart that is stuck in this body of mine. Like Paula Cole (who by the way is just insanely talented, beautiful and speaks to the heart of every woman) has said "My heart is a POW tangled in my chest". I have struggled to find a way to get away from the feelings of a failed relationship with someone I swore I would be with for the rest of my life. I have kept myself busy with making jewelry and I have spent ALOT of time in deep thought. But reality is, nothing heals the heart like time. It is especially hard when I ponder on the things I did to contribute to my current state of affairs. I am a mother first, I say this because it reminds me that whoever I end up with, will end up with my daughter as well. That bond should be important. I also understand that I can't save anyone. I can barely save myself, and superman is probably NOT coming thru my door either.....we need to be good to ourselves and each other but know, we are not each other's saviors. Also, I just want to laugh. Life was meant to be enjoyed even in adversity, I know this is nuts, I don't even know how you can be happy during adversity but I know this gives us strength and character.

Yesterday I wanted to stay home under the covers and just feel sad. Indulge in a little melancholy. Instead I called Kelly, my neighbor, brought over a bottle of Yellowtail merlot, beads, and my daughter. We sat making earrings, talking, laughing and you know what? I did'nt feel so sad anymore. I was happy to be creating. I am always happy to be creating.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Sterling silver wire wrapped stones inspired by Erykah Badu

These are some of the rings I made in the Dominican Republic, sterling silver. The stones are big and they remind me of a very talented soul singer Erykah Badu...The size of the stones and the wire wrap remind me of Erykahs lovely head wraps which she wore in her early days as a performer. She is well known for wearing a huge Egyptian Unk ring and wearing other large natural jewelry so,,I guess I dedicate these to my girl Erykah....Peace after Revolution ;)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Who are you?

Years ago I took this art class at School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. I wanted to learn how to figure draw so I signed up for a class and two weeks later I was sitting in a large sunny studio on the third floor of one of the most exciting schools (in my opinion) in the world. I would take the train home after class with my shirt completely dirty from charcoal and pastels, a big drawing pad and I would watch my reflection in the glass of the train doors as I rode the E train home. I felt so proud of myself for deciding to nurture a creative desire of mine. After a few weeks it was kinda obvious that I was the least skilled in the class; but what can I say, it was a little difficult trying to draw the male anatomy while trying to keep a straight face. My teacher was this very free spirited woman with crazy curly brown hair, big glasses and she always wore biker shorts with Teva shoes.

One day we were looking over my drawings and she told me that as an artist, I needed to start thinking about what I wanted to express in my work and to always ask myself "who am I?" I was shocked when she called me an artist because up until that point I was feeling intimidated by the talent of everyone else. Her point was for me to stay true to my own style, my own observation of the world, my true self. After that talk I did'nt feel intimidated anymore. I kept drawing,and every now and then I would look around the classroom feeling joy to just be in the company of so much talent.
Who am I????
I ask myself this all the time now because being a mother, student, employee, daughter to an aging mom, a woman, sometimes I forget who I am and life and people can intimidate me to the point of submitting to what they think I need to be. I have had to make serious decisions these past few weeks regarding relationships and more than anything, the mantra rings true "Know Thyself"...

So sister, mother, daughter, student, writer, artist, woman...
Who are you today?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Neighbor "Got Wired"

My neighbor sent me a text message while I was away on vacation with exciting news about new earrings she made and how she needed gold head pins to finish one of her designs. Kelly is one of those people who knows everyone on the block, very friendly, outgoing, crafty and creative. She has two young children, her son goes to school with my daughter. What I found so exciting was that she chose to share her joy of creating jewelry with me...hundreds of miles away. I feel a little pride in thinking I may have inspired her to start making jewelry. who knows? I went over her house last night and on the spot she made me a pair of beautiful green and amber bead earrings and a pink seed bead set as well. I think I found my new best friend ;-)

I also love Kelly because she is bargain Betty...That woman could find a bargain ANYWHERE! She found a pound of very pretty colorful plastic beads, a kit which contains everything to make your first sets of earrings and a bracelet( eye pins, jump rings, earring wires, and she bought the most essential tools for earring making which is round nose pliers, flat nose pliers and wire cutters. Dare I say u can find it at -gulp- Michaels..But print a coupon online, Michaels always has them if you MUST go to Michaels. That's where she went and found everything on clearance...Go Girl!

If you want a simple tutorial that is free click on this link for simple instructions on how to make earrings....Have fun

beginner earring set tutorial

Monday, March 22, 2010

Just call me Brown Sugar! I am back from D.R.!

I just came back from the Dominican Republic. I am as dark as brown sugar, well fed and HAPPY! Of course this morning when I was driving to work in the rain, sitting in traffic, I kinda forgot about the crystal clear blue water, gentle waves, tropical drinks and mamajuana (a dominican liquor). However, I looked in my rear view mirror, got a glimpse of my sunkissed skin and smiled....Life is good. I had the opportunity to bring my jewelry supplies and I sat on the beach making wire wrapped stone rings, a copper and amethyst necklace and funky copper earrings. I usually work with silver but being in the tropical sun inspired me to use copper which goes so well with a tan!!! I also bought a beautiful larimar stone pendant. Larimar is the most popular stone from the Dominican Republic. It is almost a Robin's egg blue, so pretty.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Featured Jewelry Artist: Ann Peden of

Some people come into your life for a brief moment, but leave an impression on you that can last a lifetime. I always have had a fondness for people who not only create beautiful things but live their lives creatively. They are the walking breathing artists. Everything they do or make has their name and heart written all over it. For me, Ann Peden is one of those people. She is based in Atlanta Georgia ( "Hot"lanta baby!)I had the priviledge of knowing her years ago when I was a college student in Long Island and at the time she had recently returned from a mission team in Africa, promoting the Good work. So here she is today wonderful jewelry artist, creating many works primarily in beading design. You can find her creations at

The featured picture is her beautiful daughter modeling all those lovely bead creations...
Good luck Ann on your continued success...Love your work!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tree of Life sterling silver and copper pendant giveaways!!!

Take a deep breath in.....Do you feel it? Spring is almost here. New York in the Spring is so special to me. Usually around late February late in the evening you can feel a shocking warm breeze that catches you in an instant.. It's like a message in the air reminding us of it's soon arrival, and the air begins to smell like cool rain.

You hear the sounds of handballs hitting the concrete walls, you see the sun turning the brick buildings orange, swarms of young teens on corners, the "yo, mami's" that start to sound off in the distance...ahhhh Nueva York

Anyway, to celebrate this wonderful arrival I am making Tree of Life pendants. These little beauties have branches that reach out to the heavens with lovely crystals and you can see it's tiny roots digging into the ground. I just think they are so pretty ;) they come in silver or copper approximately one inch in diameter.

No jumping hoops, tell me what is so special about Spring in your city, first three ladies get the pendants. the crystals are a light purple. If you prefer copper, they come with small amethyst beads. You let me know what you prefer. See simple, no hoops.

If anyone is interested in purchasing, I am selling them for $13.00 each, free shipping, comes with leather cord in brown or black. You can let me know which you prefer, e-mail as a small gift for Easter or to keep for yourself.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

How soon "not now" becomes never-Martin Luther

The sunrise this morning was awesome. I went to bed last night tired, like anyone would be, but also with a small feeling of sadness within. Life is always going to throw things at us that are unexpected and I am not talking about the big stuff like death, or some type of grave loss. What is this unexpected??? Suddenly finding yourself with someone who doesn't make you laugh anymore, or realizing you don't really love the career that you invested so much time and sacrifice into. Wondering if you had kids too young or wondering if you should have had them sooner??? You may look in the mirror and no longer recognize who you see.

I also know that we owe it to ourselves to accept the fact that life ALWAYS moves forward. Every one of us has courage, and the capacity to move forward, regardless of where we are at, what we have done, who we may have hurt. Moving forward means believing that there is something better, always. And that "better" doesn't have to be a makeover from Macy's. It is looking within , and making some moves what you said "not now" to. Life is just going to keep moving. Shoot, I'm gonna keep on moving!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

When I use my mind and my hands I don't think about my thighs

I'm leaving for the Dominican Republic in one week. Yay, sun, sand, all I can eat yada,yada.... However I find myself a little less than enthusiastic.I think my lack of enthusiasm lies in the fact that I had set a goal about 4 weeks ago to lose 40 pounds by now. How can I ever enjoy parading around the resort when I feel like I am not swimsuit worthy? ;( I have failed to exercise, low carb and step on the scale every hour to check my weight loss progress.

I looked back on these past four weeks and thought about what I had done in place of dieting like a fool to look like a much puffier, bloated version of Kim Kardashian:

I worked full time, cleaned, read books to my daughter, played in the snow with her, did many arts and crafts projects with her, made jewelry, sold jewelry, created a bracelet and earring set for a charity auction; went antiquing with my boyfriend; I talked on the phone for hours with my best friends in Florida,,,,Encouraged my brother who is going through a difficult time in life right now; babysat my nephew and played games with him; went to a class I have on Sunday, and I worked on a term paper which focuses on research to help Latino parents become more involved in early childhood education.

What mother ever really has the time anymore to sweat the small stuff like thinner thighs?
After writing all of this down, I can't remember what was so important about looking like Kim Kardashian on the beach...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Going to Michaels?, fuggedaboutit!

I had the pleasure of spending lots of time in Manhattan this weekend. I have to say Alicia Keys and Jay Z know what they are talking about! This IS a concrete jungle where dreams are made of...
Now I didn't always feel this way. When you are standing on the 7 train platform on an icy rainy Monday morning just to enter a train car where people have their faces jammed against the door window...well, U just gotta love it! Not to mention the assorted scents and aromas lingering in the air...and I am not talking about coffee and old spice ;-)
So anyhow, my boyfriend and I decided to go downtown this weekend to the East Village and also visit an antique warehouse which upon passing through its doors looks more like a back entrance to a meat market than an antique warehouse. I lucked out and found gorgeous semi-precious labradorite strands for 5 bucks, a sterling silver heart pendant for 3 bucks and then walked by a vendor selling Asian glass bottles, stone donuts, and turquoise beads. He gave me a loose turquoise stone bead for free ;-) Now this is New York. We have "districts" dedicated to selling anything u can think of. Out of NYC maybe not so much. So today I want to tell u some top places online to find beads, jewelry supplies and tools that won't break the bank.

Everything you can think of from tools that every jewelry maker needs such as round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, flat nose pliers YOU GET IT ...Pliers!!! Beads, Beads, Beads...customer service is insane! I called the other day just to ask what kind of crimp tubes I should buy and the rep. gave me a 10 minute lesson on what size to use, what color, and how to attach them properly to beading wire.

Another fabulous website offering tools, semi-precious stones, swarovski crystals,sterling silver findings AND tutorials for making jewelry.

If you are a wire wrapping enthusiast this is one of the least expensive sites I have found next to e-bay that sells sterling silver wire on the cheap.

Happy hunting and ummmmm remember,,,,stay away from Michaels.