Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tree of Life sterling silver and copper pendant giveaways!!!

Take a deep breath in.....Do you feel it? Spring is almost here. New York in the Spring is so special to me. Usually around late February late in the evening you can feel a shocking warm breeze that catches you in an instant.. It's like a message in the air reminding us of it's soon arrival, and the air begins to smell like cool rain.

You hear the sounds of handballs hitting the concrete walls, you see the sun turning the brick buildings orange, swarms of young teens on corners, the "yo, mami's" that start to sound off in the distance...ahhhh Nueva York

Anyway, to celebrate this wonderful arrival I am making Tree of Life pendants. These little beauties have branches that reach out to the heavens with lovely crystals and you can see it's tiny roots digging into the ground. I just think they are so pretty ;) they come in silver or copper approximately one inch in diameter.

No jumping hoops, tell me what is so special about Spring in your city, first three ladies get the pendants. the crystals are a light purple. If you prefer copper, they come with small amethyst beads. You let me know what you prefer. See simple, no hoops.

If anyone is interested in purchasing, I am selling them for $13.00 each, free shipping, comes with leather cord in brown or black. You can let me know which you prefer, e-mail as a small gift for Easter or to keep for yourself.


Loose Sparrow Arts N Crafts said...

Hello! I just love your wire art! I live in Salt Lake City, Utah where spring is absolutely beautiful. We, too, start to feel the hint of spring in late Feb. and early march. Little bits of green are beginning to show and birds wake me up in the morning. Soon, apricot trees will be full of blooms and my favorite flower, the lilac, will fragrance the air. I can't wait for the full season to be upon us.

Cindy said...

Loose Sparrow thanks so much. Wow Utah sounds beautiful. my e-mail is, let me know which pendant you would like, copper or silver,,,and address and I will send you one of the pendants... :-) Have a great Spring!

Rene W. said...

Wow - so beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! ~ Renee

Cindy said...

Sure Renee, I have two pendants left and one of them has your name on it e-m if you would like the second tree of life giveaway ..;)

Maggie said...

Beautiful work! Do you have a link to the items? Love your stuff.

Rene W. said...

I am so envious - I have always wanted to visit New York... ah - one day...

I love Spring here - it is so evident because the hills are usually dead and brown, but right now they are bright green, peppered with wildflowers. I can almost feel the sun :)

Thanks again - I can't wait to see your creation!

Nancy Frye-Swope said...

I am going to order your beautiful Tree of Life Pendant as soon as I post this. The ring you wear in your profile picture...Is is for sale? I love it!

I've passed your link on to my daughter in Oregon.


Nancy Frye-Swope
The Retired Biker Housewife

Rene W. said...

Put a post on my blog today :) Happy jewelry making!