Saturday, March 6, 2010

How soon "not now" becomes never-Martin Luther

The sunrise this morning was awesome. I went to bed last night tired, like anyone would be, but also with a small feeling of sadness within. Life is always going to throw things at us that are unexpected and I am not talking about the big stuff like death, or some type of grave loss. What is this unexpected??? Suddenly finding yourself with someone who doesn't make you laugh anymore, or realizing you don't really love the career that you invested so much time and sacrifice into. Wondering if you had kids too young or wondering if you should have had them sooner??? You may look in the mirror and no longer recognize who you see.

I also know that we owe it to ourselves to accept the fact that life ALWAYS moves forward. Every one of us has courage, and the capacity to move forward, regardless of where we are at, what we have done, who we may have hurt. Moving forward means believing that there is something better, always. And that "better" doesn't have to be a makeover from Macy's. It is looking within , and making some moves what you said "not now" to. Life is just going to keep moving. Shoot, I'm gonna keep on moving!


Crafty Girls Workshop said...

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cindy said...

Hi my e-mail is'll also fix my comment post, that sounds great ;)