Thursday, March 4, 2010

When I use my mind and my hands I don't think about my thighs

I'm leaving for the Dominican Republic in one week. Yay, sun, sand, all I can eat yada,yada.... However I find myself a little less than enthusiastic.I think my lack of enthusiasm lies in the fact that I had set a goal about 4 weeks ago to lose 40 pounds by now. How can I ever enjoy parading around the resort when I feel like I am not swimsuit worthy? ;( I have failed to exercise, low carb and step on the scale every hour to check my weight loss progress.

I looked back on these past four weeks and thought about what I had done in place of dieting like a fool to look like a much puffier, bloated version of Kim Kardashian:

I worked full time, cleaned, read books to my daughter, played in the snow with her, did many arts and crafts projects with her, made jewelry, sold jewelry, created a bracelet and earring set for a charity auction; went antiquing with my boyfriend; I talked on the phone for hours with my best friends in Florida,,,,Encouraged my brother who is going through a difficult time in life right now; babysat my nephew and played games with him; went to a class I have on Sunday, and I worked on a term paper which focuses on research to help Latino parents become more involved in early childhood education.

What mother ever really has the time anymore to sweat the small stuff like thinner thighs?
After writing all of this down, I can't remember what was so important about looking like Kim Kardashian on the beach...

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Cyndi @ 6 Ring Circus said...

Same thing happened to me before we went to Mexico - I had huge plans about losing a ton of weight before hitting the beach and it just didn't happen. But we still had a great time. :o) Have a fantastic vacation!