Friday, March 12, 2010

Featured Jewelry Artist: Ann Peden of

Some people come into your life for a brief moment, but leave an impression on you that can last a lifetime. I always have had a fondness for people who not only create beautiful things but live their lives creatively. They are the walking breathing artists. Everything they do or make has their name and heart written all over it. For me, Ann Peden is one of those people. She is based in Atlanta Georgia ( "Hot"lanta baby!)I had the priviledge of knowing her years ago when I was a college student in Long Island and at the time she had recently returned from a mission team in Africa, promoting the Good work. So here she is today wonderful jewelry artist, creating many works primarily in beading design. You can find her creations at

The featured picture is her beautiful daughter modeling all those lovely bead creations...
Good luck Ann on your continued success...Love your work!

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Loose Sparrow Arts N Crafts said...

Hi Cindy, Just making sure you got my address at 1315 So. 400 E. SLC, Utah 84118. Thanks so much. I can't wait for my gorgeous Tree of Life.