Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Year in Jewelry Designing

It has been a great year for me in regards to moving forward in my jewelry designs and I am learning so stop, precious metal clay,,,hmmmm.

I would say that most of my work this year focused on alot of blue semi-precious stones wrapped in silver. I also loved creating many spiral designs. This is my year in photos :)


Kate said...

A gorgeous year it was too! I hope the next one is just ad fun :)

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I envy crafty people like you! Grrr!

and maybe...just maybe you would be interested in hosting a giveaway of one of your pieces....??

Me likey that idea! Think about it!

ANd thank you for reading the random tangents on my blog:) I'm a hot mess:)

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

I have several precious stones I have been meaning to get wrapped. I love your designs def one of your pieces are going on my spring wish list.

Cindy said...

@ Hellnotes, I would love to see the stones u have :) you must have a great collection :)