Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fashion Journal Charity Launch Fundraiser

There are times when I go to work eager to jump on the computer and check my Facebook page. I know, I Know,,, shhhh but don't tell. Anyhow one day I'm on FB and I decide to become a fan of Foxy Fusions. Awesome glass art jewelry by Kerri Lawnsby, check out her page

She needed someone from NYC to go on her behalf to the Fashion Journal Magazine fundraiser in NYC on 2/16/10...Kerri's home-base is in Austin TX so she could not make it. I volunteered to go and within minutes received an e-mail from her giving me details. So here I am ready to RSVP to this event. Local jewelry buzz and talent should abound there. I am excited. This comes to show, you never know what new adventures await for you when you walk out your front door...or log on to your computer.

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