Saturday, February 20, 2010

Time to let it go

I feel sick to my were my first, my favorite, so comfortable and flexible. I showed u off to everyone. I was proud to have you around with me everywhere. But like all good love affairs, the time has come for us to part... Good bye my wrap around ring......

Most artists have that one painting, photograph, piece of art that they just can't part with. Perhaps it was their first creation, a reminder of a special time, event, or place. the one piece that they say they will never let go. Well maybe it was the Jay Z music playing in the background that made me think like a hustler or hussalah ;-) but in that moment my favorite silver wire wrap around ring was sold to a good friend. She loved the ring, asked me how much and my ears just heard the sound of..Kaching....Now I have sellers regret.

Is there such a thing as sellers regret?

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