Monday, February 15, 2010

My valentines day project...and how I failed miserably

It was around 7 am on Valentines Day when I decided to break out some 18g dead soft silver wire and make my boyfriend a ring I had promised a while ago. I was going to use a huge pewter skull bead as the focal and TRY to do an intricate wire wrap around it. Needless to say about 2 hours later, hair all frizzed and fingers numb; the ring was about 4 sizes too big and the wire had hardened to the point of no return. I was aggravated! Looking back, there were a few things I did not do. For one, I did not measure exactly the amount of wire that would be needed for the project, two, I had no ring mandrel and used the neck of a conditioner bottle (here's to innovation!)and finally, because I wanted to have it done by 12:00pm, I felt rushed to produce a masterpiece. Well, I'm no professional so perhaps creating a masterpiece was out of the question BUT I wanted to give him something I thought he would love. Later that day I brought the ring anyway to his home, still with wires sticking out and I insisted that I could finish the ring at his house. As any good man he acknowledged my effort and said he knew once I finished, it would be great. In my mind I knew I had just wasted about $25 worth of silver on a ring that would need to be trashed and started over ;-( I think about that episode of Friends when Chandler and Monica are supposed to give each other home made gifts and Chandler tries to make a gift out of a bent up wire hanger. That's what my man got, a deformed wire hanger looking thingeee....Bendito

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