Thursday, November 18, 2010


I am at a crossroads in my life. Like Tracy Chapman sang: " I look to my left I look to my right, hands, they grab me on every side"...
So much to do and I am wondering what direction to take my life in now. I am glad that jewelry making for me quiets my mind and keeps me focused on a task. The finished outcome is always a good release of energy for me. I am proud of what I make, even when it does not come out perfect. I hope that I will come out stronger from these present challenges I face and that my heart will be at peace, filled with hope and laughter. I am, after all, a great woman who deserves all these things. So are all of you who read this. Keep on doing what you are doing that makes you happy, hopeful and strong.

LOVE courageously.....

I created these hand stamped necklaces with comforting words in mind and I hope you like them :)




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Katie Gates said...

Stopping over from SITS. Your jewelry is beautiful, and I can relate to the peace it brings (I refer to my own jewelry-making ventures as "the unbearable lightness of beading.") Hang in there with life's challenges and remember that everything is temporary!