Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Now Where Did that Faith go???

There are mountains in my life right now that seem impossible to climb. It has been months now of tears and sadness. I have watched relationships deteriorate, mental illness and depression overtake people I love, one of my best friends lost her mom to cancer a few days ago,,,and we are all struggling financially, spiritually,,you name it, there is pain and sadness everywhere.

Like a soldier who has gone AWOL I feel as if I have abandoned my spiritual duty. I used to be a woman of faith and prayer and now I find myself diminished to an overanxious, fearful shell of a woman who has relied on outwardly distractions to try to heal what is inside....How did this happen? I lost my faith,,,,but not for long.

My tearful eyes came across this passage in the bible the other day
Mark 11:23
Truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain be taken up and thrown into the sea; and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will come to pass, it will be done for him.

I used to believe that this scripture meant that if our faith was big enough, we could literally move a mountain into the sea; but then I would think, "well, I guess no one has faith that big because I have yet to see someone toss a mountain into the sea".

The other day however, I read this scripture differently. I thought about the mountains in our lives: the mountain of fear, the mountain of pain, sadness, despair. Jesus said that by having faith, these mountains WILL be tossed into the sea and what we prayed for SHALL COME TO PASS. Believe and it will come to pass. How wonderful that we should have a God that wants us to have this kind of faith in HIS power. Today, if you are reading this I challenge you to take whatever mountain is in your life and ask God to take it and toss that bad boy into the sea! get rid of it, believe that it shall come to pass. Pray..Pray..Pray

I am resolved that I will be (if anything) a prayerful woman once again. Nothing feels better, more liberating than to come to God with all your worries and fears AND to expect that he will resolve them. He is faithful even when we are not! The Lord says that in this world we WILL have trouble but to take heart! he has overcome the world!

So be it!


LynnM1970 said...

All I can say is..... Thank You....

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Isn't it amazing that every scripture in the bible can have a different meaning to a different person at a different time.

I receive this post. SOmething funny. I grew up in a family church. My uncle was the pastor. He would always end a prayer with "Now, throw our sins in the Lake of Forgetfulness."

When I was I kid, I really thought that was a real lake! Then when I was grown, I was telling somebody to throw their cares in the Lake of Forgetfulness and they said "where the heck did you get that from?" I said in the bible!

Well upon massive research...I found that there is no such lake even in the bible! If my uncle was alive, I would punch him! LOL

BUt I still love using that term!

I hope all is better since this is an old post:)