Tuesday, September 21, 2010

For any woman over the age of 35..Happy Birthday to U

Ladies Birthday weekend 2010...this is what over 35 looks like

Today is my birthday....Wow. I am 39. One year away from 40. Is it time to create a bucket list? Well, maybe not yet. This morning I actually pondered on how I should approach this day. Should I be grumpy, quiet and ignore this day in hopes that the fact that I am 39 will disappear into a quiet abyss. Unfortunately, Facebook makes that impossible. Since before midnight last night I have been getting updates from all my FB friends wishing me well on this day....So ok, I will face this day. Now I can also take the "today is a new year and I'm gonna make changes!!!!!, new hair, new face, new body, I'm hitting the gym and I am going to fit into that black dress from back in the day when I was 40 pds lighter and 15 years younger". Well, to be honest I don't have the mental energy for that foolishness right now. My booty is big (which actually is NOT a bad thing according to all the guy friends that I know ), my hair is a little grayer, my eyes have slightly dark circles. What is my point?...I am older today. An American woman over the age of 38 in this country...I am one brave bitch to even exist here! Women our age are supposed to be useless now, we are not "young' anymore and if by this point your bank account is low and your career is not necessarily stellar,,,,girl you're totally screwed. Hang up your heels (which probably hurt your feet by now anyway) and break out the comfortable chanclas ( slippers).

Well woman what's it gonna be?:

Today, I dedicate this to all the women who have been where I am today, we are not forgotten women, left to shrivel and be ignored. To all the beautiful women who inspire me to keep it moving because I am a year older and still a year lovelier.

Angela Davis: age 66

Sonia Sotomayor: age 56

Salma Hayek: age 44

Sonia Braga: age 60

Jill Scott and Erykah Badu: 38 and 39


Claudia said...

You ARE "one brave bitch! Today I celebrate you for your intelligence, your drive, your creativity and your inner and outer beauty. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Coming over from SITS--I love your 39th birthday post! I am 43 and sometimes the roar of "women over 40" nonsense gets oppressive, but I am happy with who I am.

Tania Cavenecia Torres said...

Thank you for sharing these pictures of these beautiful, creative and intelligent women. It just goes to show you age is just a number !

Tania 44 : )

Life with Kaishon said...

You look beautiful! Way closer to 29 than to 39 that is for sure : ) Hope you have a wonderful year filled with many marvelous things!

Cindy said...

thank you "Life with Kaishaon" and /Claudia, u are one brave b*tch too :)

Miss Sassy LaLa said...

Love it! Stopping by from SITS.

Steph said...

Thanks from a 38 year old! Happy Birthday to you too!
Stopping by from SITS