Friday, June 18, 2010

stamping away

I have been practicing my metal stamping and I'm having so much fun, except for a few times when I hammered my thumb instead of the metal! ouch! BTW has EVERYTHING you can think of to begin this hobby yourself. Metal stamping kits for beginners, metal discs, designer stamps and they all come with instructions. This is an awesome website if you are interested. The seller's name is Sara and she's got alot of personality and wonderful customer service. I left my camera in Connecticut a few weeks ago so I have been relying on my blackberry for photos...I know, I should smack myself ;) That top necklace has a tiny skull and crossbone stamp placed as the letter "I" but u can't see it too well in this photo...I gotta get that camera ;(


Cindy said...

Stamping is so much fun, isn't it? Of course, I go for the "organic" look as I can never get anything even. I sure like that "Cindy" pendant, as we have the same name!

Cindy said...

Hi Cindy :) I'm with you on the "organic" look. I wonder how long u have to be doing this to get the letters perfectly straight?