Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Who has inspired you lately?

You know sometimes, you have those off days...everything seems to be fine, your working, doing what your supposed to do, even hanging out with friends. I have been busy this week both with work, being a mom and trying to maintain some form of social life... so I think I have the best of many worlds. It's just sometimes you lose focus of your spiritual/creative side. When I feel like I just simply need inspiration, I look at the work of other people...it inspires me so much because you know you are being invited into someone's creative world and I am challenged to rethink a design or technique. It gives me a new vision.

So today I decided to look at some of Iza Malczyk's wire work. She is from Poland and believe me when I say this is not going to be the last time I post about her. That first picture is the FIRST pendant she ever made. Iza, like myself, started learning how to wire wrap from jewelrylessons.com

Can you see the difference between her early work and now?! uuhhhhh, yeah!!!

I gotta go and practice wirewrapping now.

all of Iza Malczyk's work can be found on her website izamalczyk.com

so mamitas,,,who has inspired your creative side lately?


Chennifer said...

wow her first piece was really great!!!

Frida still is my biggest inspiration, and I always come back to her when I need to be inspired...

Cindy said...

I love Frida too, and Georgia O'Keefe. Can you believe how Iza's work is now. That is the kind of work I want to learn to do.

Holly Renee said...

I love that top ring, so cool. I know what it is like to be in a creative and/or spiritual funk. Sometimes you just gotta' go into it. How cool that you look at others for inspiration at this time. I tend to read books, so that is somewhat similar. Ohhhhh, I also look at etsy a lot. That should count. Love your finds.

Chennifer said...

Hi again - Don’t forget to speak out against racial and ethnic profiling in Arizona – I have several sites on my blog post where you can protest!

MommyToTwoBoys said...

Oh my goodness your work is beautiful! The next time I need a gift for my sister I am coming to you. She would absolutely love your jewelry.

And trust me, I totally get the whole balancing everything issue.