Monday, April 19, 2010

What to do when someone thinks you are an idiot..

"Have you ever written a graduate paper before?", "Have you ever gone to a writing workshop?, maybe you need to"...." This paper is just scattered and a mess....." "Is this your first time writing a paper?"

Hi everybody, This is what my professor told me yesterday as I sat on a chair feeling about two inches tall. We were just going over a term paper I had written on Latino children in early childhood education. When he called my name to go up to his desk and discuss my paper I was thinking in my mind "easy A" what I received was at his mercy a C that was changed to a B because of the rest of my performance in the class. I humbly took his advice, left the building, went onto the F train...and then cried. I have been in graduate school part time for five years, I also work full time and this semester I took two classes and my present GPA 3.7...soooo I wrestled with his insult, took it for what it was, but I know what I am worth. Just for you guys to understand, he did inform our class at the beginning of the year that he failed all of his students in the previous class and demanded that they rewrite their term papers before they would get a grade. So my fellow classmates and I knew we were in for a doozy!
I said it before and I will say it again, I know what I am worth. I had to remind myself amidst this insult that I am a smart woman, capable, and that I can write a term paper! My previous record proves that. So, my confidence may have been shaken,,,but only for a minute.
As usual, I will ask on this blog, "what the hell does this have to do with jewelry making?" CONFIDENCE. In the past I would have been devastated for days and question my self worth from one man's silly comment. But, I am older and wiser. When you know who you are and what you are capable of, no one can tell you different. Don't get me wrong, it is wise to listen to advice and take whatever can be improved and run with it. BUT don't let one person's comment whether they are your dean, teacher, boss, husband or mother and dive into a sea of melancholy over it.

By the way did you know that only 3% of hispanic women in the United States hold an advanced degree???
Soon I will be included in that number sistas! Soooooo, maybe sir, I don't need a writing workshop, what I need is to write a paper on " How to live your dream and persevere to the end even when your professor thinks you are an idiot" ;-)

Happy jewlery making everybody

This picture by the way is of my mom in the early 70's, she has this young, militant, fuerza (strength) in this picture that I just had to post it.

My mom in her free days.


Chennifer said...

It used to get me down too. I never thought I would go to the university at all, now I've been studying there for more than 3 years and I love it. And I know that I do a good job. A teacher gave me a low grade when I knew I deserved more. It didn't get me down because I knew I was right - still, I didn't argue about it. which I should have...

carol said...

I feel your pain. I defended my thesis last week. Homelessness and bias by healthcare providers. By the end of the hour I wasn't feeling so much like an idiot as I was pissed. I'm just glad it's over. I don't know why Master's programs spend so much time beating you down. And congratulations for all your work. It feels good when it's done.

Jen R said...

Wow, your Mom is beautiful! Good for you for dusting off the prof's insult. Some profs have their heads stuffed so far up their own butts, they've lost touch with reality. He sounds like a piece of work.

Have a good week. Stopping by from SITS

Christie said...

Cindy, you know as your big little sister, I have to tell you that you are fantabulous. As your friend, I have to say that you are way more than that man says you are and way more than you even think you are; even if you think you're fantabulous, you are that times ten million. As a fan, I have to tell you that you are my idol in so many ways and I couldn't be more proud of you for taking his critique as a woman. You have done an exceptional job as a mother, and employee and a student. Keep on Keepin' on sweet heart. He wont be your professor for long ;)

Christie@MommyDrinksBecauseYouCry said...

Like water on a ducks back. Just shake it off. Stay strong and be confident!

Loose Sparrow Arts N Crafts said...

Early congratulations on your awesome accomplishment! I graduated in 2004, and know your pain firsthand. I remember writing a paper on Ben Franklin's autobiography. I had already read it in 2 other classes, was bored, and took creative liberties in my essay. I thought my professor would love it. He gave it an "F." As a top student, I was very insulted, too. (He let me redo, and my unimaginative, boring new essay got an "A.").
Just keep on being who you are and you will surely succeed. Best wishes! Your mother is gorgeous!

Cindy said...

@ Christie@mommydrinks_ I like that saying and will certainly do so ;-)

Loose Sparrow- I thought I had written such a creative paper too, luckily my presentation bumped the grade up...I don't think I would have had the strength to rewrite the whole thing ;-)