Sunday, January 6, 2013

Daughters and Druzies

Good morning :) It's Sunday and I'm home writing and listening to Miles on Spotify. It's one of those dark, cloudy, cold winter NY mornings. I have candles lit, sage and incense burning...I'm also admiring this Druzy stone that my daughter picked out of a website while I was looking myself, for stones to purchase and wire wrap. Druzy is a crystal-covered rock. Tiny quartz crystals form on the surface or within the cavities of the rock. Like a geode, when cracked open, the stone reveals crystals. The crystals are small, and look like a coating of glittering stardust. Out of hundreds of stones, she chose a titanium coated druzy 38mm in size (which is big) and EXPENSIVE. In my mind I was thinking "No way. why would I buy a nine year old a stone like that,,,she's going to play with it like it's just a rock"..I changed my mind though, when I took a real good look at that stone. I noticed that it was one of the most beautiful ones from the online catalog. The colors were so bright, the crystals sparkled like Cinderella's slipper, perfect teardrop shape, flawless:)))) So I bought it and it arrived yesterday. I opened the package and sure enough the druzy gleamed with deep purple and blue and gold understones...and the center has hundreds of tiny purple pink and gold crystals....Perfect. Kylee and I agreed to wire wrap it in 14kt gold wire and hang it on a pretty 14kt gold chain...I think I have a jewelry partner here in the making.. Here's a look at the stone she chose as well as some others I purchased
Sometimes I wonder, what on earth am I supposed to teach my daughter..How dear lord did you give her a mama like me? I'm....a hippie :/ I laugh sometimes,though because deep in my heart I know that I may not be able to give her a big home (for now) or expensive things. We are a simple family of two, with hardly any possesions. But I love that when we are home together, we listen to jazz, and we paint, and She watches me make jewelry. She knows about stones, and beads and wire. A few days ago I received a beautiful book called "Georgia O'Keefe, Museum Collections", which is about of course, my favorite artist Georgia O'Keefe, thank you Nyles I love you always my friend :)Anyhow, my daughter and I sat for about an hour looking through this book and talking about her work, her personal history; The lines and colors she used in her paintings. We talked about Georgia's work in New York where she lived with her husband Alfred Stieglitz, also an important artist/photographer at that time. We discussed Georgia O'Keefe when she lived in New Mexico, and talked about the beautiful desert paintings she created. ...I then caught myself realizing that what I was doing was giving my daughter an art history lesson. I felt then, that the most important thing I could give Kylee, was myself. To give my child what I know, and love and understand. I don't believe I'm here to force my own agenda, but to share with her my knowledge and love for the things that move me and create me... and I like that. Share with my daughter, music, and creativity, and a calm, peaceful home filled with love of art...How could that be a bad thing? I'm sure it could only influence her in a good way...hmmm.. I see her as a young adult, wearing that titanium druzy and gold necklace, rocking an all black outfit with deep burgundy nail polish, curly brown hair flowing in the wind, portfolio in her hand rushing to an art class downtown...okay, okay,, maybe that's my dream for her...but it's a cool one isn't it???


Just_Zassie said...

This is stunning!

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Christina Lorenzen said...

Hi Cindy!
After my mom sent me a clipping of you featured in Good Housekeeping magazine I just had to find your blog. I am an aspiring jewelry maker too and the article inspired me so much. I started making jewelry during a bout with writer's block. I thought one creative pursuit would surely feed another. It has but I'm also finding I just love this jewelry biz! I loved your post here about your daughter. Love the relationship you obviously have with her. You are leaving her a legacy that no one else would be able to. These times you share with her are worth more than fancy homes, money or anything else. Funny thing. I just bought a druzy necklace at a department store a few weeks ago. Then after I got it home I thought "I wonder if I could make something with these stones for my shop?" The creative wheels are always turning, arent' they? Anyway, thank you again for a lovely post and best of luck to you and your daughter!

Anonymous said...

I would like to shop your etsy store. What do I type in to find you?